Problem deleting a dictionary entry - may be related to BitBucket 578

The following code causes Panorama X to crash after the penultimate line of code.

local alpha
saveallprocedures "",alpha
OpenFileDialog FolderName,FileName12,FileType,"ZEPD"
OpenFile FileName12
LoadAllProcedures alpha,beta

Executing a message alpha command after the saveallprocedures statement produces data that doesn’t look to be binary - this was the initial problem at BitBucket 578 which is tagged as resolved. Maybe it isn’t.

Minor amendment - I simplified the original code to keep this post short. Change the first line to

local alpha,beta,FolderName,FileName12,FileType

I can’t duplicate this problem. Message alpha produced this result.

That looks like binary data to me.

I added your procedure to the “My Mailing List” example file, and put a new Untitled file in the same folder, which I chose from the dialog. There was no crash, and its View menu looked like this, when the procedure was done,

The penultimate line of code was an Openfile command. Why do you think the dictionary is at fault?

The penultimate line executes correctly - a message statement after it displays a message.

The fault lies in the saveallprocedures statement and my guess was that this was because alpha was not a dictionary. I hadn’t realised that a binary file retained so much of the original source text.

Binary doesn’t mean encrypted. A binary file will have all the text, and some additional data or meta data as well. The additional data could be numbers, or images, or sounds, or whatever. That extra stuff is likely to look like gibberish, if you try to interpret it as text, but the text will look like text.