PrintUsingForm ignores Landscape

In trying to print envelopes via a second database, Panorama X ignores the Page Setup for the form. If I print directly from the form, the Landscape for the page is used correctly and for the paper size I’ve set. If I use PrintUsingForm for the same form, it consistently reverts to a standard letter size portrait setup.

You are going to have to use printtopdf to print the envelope. Panorama X does not work like 6. There are a lot of differences in printing.

Panorama X doesn’t keep a separate Page Setup configuration for each form. Instead, there is only one Page Setup for each database. This is different from Panorama 6. The old system was more flexible for advanced users like yourself that knew what was going on, but it caused endless tech support headaches from typical customers. Many would get quite upset when they found out that they would have to configure the Page Setup separately for every single form.

You should probably consider using the printtopdf statement. In spite of it’s name, it does have an option to print directly to a printer, instead of generating a PDF file. Like the printusingform statement, you can choose the database and form to be printed, and you can also choose the orientation, page size, and scale factor.