PrintUsingForm error

I am rewriting the obsolete procedure code in my Pan 6 files prior to converting them to Pan X, Lots of changes needed. I had used the Hide and Show statements to freeze the screen display when switching to a printing form and back. The PrintUsingForm statement does the same thing and Is working in some files. It returned the error “PrintUsing error:Form print settings not Initialized”. Nothing I have done has worked.

If I remember correctly, Forms don’t have individual print settings in Panorama X. Have a look in the Panorama X documentation for a workaround to print forms with special settings. Other than the statement’s name suggests, it includes not only printing to PDF but also to printers.

That particular error occurs if you don’r print or at least open a form as a PDF after creating it. Each needs to go through the process once to become"initialized".

I usually use the page setup for print forms while in the graphic mode and they print fine but didn’t satisfy PrintUsingForm. I use custom menus in all my files but reinstalling menus and using the page setup in the data mode and printing to preview then saving worked.