PrintOneRecord in Help file freezes PanX

Try this:

With Panorama not open, click on the icon in the Dock
Cmd_N for a new file
Open Panorama Help
Choose PrintOneRecord and Panorama freezes except that I can choose menu options.

Quit then sometimes produces empty boxes (as below), sometimes quits.

If I choose PreviewOneRecord I get this:

These may or may not be bugs but, in either case, how do I print a Help topic?


OK, I can now print a Help topic using Topic>Open Topic in Browser and then print from the browser but it’s a bit clumsy.


You want to output a manual page onto dead tree material?

You’ve discovered the way to do it, thru the browser. I don’t imagine I will ever make that work from Panorama itself. But now that you mention it, the Print items in the menu should be disabled. I’ve filed this as Issue #520.

I’m old and old-fashioned and my memory is failing. I find cheat-sheets on dead tree material to be very helpful.