Printing problems with 10.13.x

A form that has printed perfectly in Panorama 6 has stopped printing after upgrading to 10.13.5 or .6. The form has 9 data tiles, each with its own matrix, and a data overflow with the same matrix that is on the data tile. I have been experimenting with it for two days. The only thing that seems to let it print is to delete the Data Overflow tile. If I delete the overflow tile, I can print with any combination of the other tiles.

Has anybody else encountered this problem? Again it has printed perfectly until 10.13.x. Maybe something in the OS has affected printing?

I haven’t experienced it, but there are two troubleshooting steps I know of for that scenario.

Be sure your print drivers are up to date, even reinstall them anyway.

In Graphics Mode, select all objects and choose a basic font and see if that makes a difference. Some OS updates effect older fonts somehow.

Thanks Jim, however, I already tried both of your suggestions.