Printing Problem - Missing Data On Last Page

I added a new report to an old Pan 6 database. The length of the report changes from day to day. On some days when I print it I’m missing data on the last page. For example when I preview the report I see 9 pages with all information showing but when I print it or Save to PDF from the print dialog I get 9 pages but I’m missing data at the end. I did try the “72 dpi Printing” option but that didn’t work.

I did notice that the printed copy is not exactly as it appears in the Preview window. For example in Preview my first summary break appears on the bottom of page 2, but when printed it is on top of page 3 with 10 records printed above it. Then on the last page I’m missing 13 records and the final summary records. For this report I’m only printing level 1, 2 and 3 summary records with a Data tile set to 0.00" height.

Any thoughts on what is going on, and how to fix it?