Printing One Record

I am using an HP LaserJet Pro to print envelopes, which I want to print one at a time. I use the command “PrintOneRecord dialog”. However, unless I select “print 1 to 1” from the printer dialog, it will try to print all of the records, not just one. Having to select “print 1 to 1” each time is annoying. Shouldn’t PrintOneRecord just print one? Is there a different command that limits the printing to one record?

It should, and it does. I just tested it to double check. So there must be something else going on that you are telling us (and probably aren’t aware of). But I have no idea what that might be.

Are you using the latest version of Panorama X? I have a vague memory that there might have been an old version where printonerecord didn’t work correctly, but that would have been years ago if I am even remembering correctly. Please make sure you are using the lates 10.2 b30 version.

Thanks for your reply. I am using the latest version of Panorama X. I checked that first when trying to solve the problem. I’m beginning to think it might be the fault of the printer, because when the printer dialog comes up, it displays “Print All” or “Print 1”, but defaults to Print All. Apparently, it doesn’t react to the printone command. I guess I’ll have to live with it or contact HP to see if there is a work-around.

Thanks again for replying.

Actually, Print All in the dialog is correct. Just go ahead and press the Print button and only a single record will be printed. Basically when you use the PrintOneRecord statement Panorama pretends that there is only one record in the database. So “ALL” is just one record in this case.

That is interesting, but not what I’m experiencing. If I leave the “Print All” selected in the printer dialog, it continues to print all of the records. The only way I know to make it print just the one envelope is to check the “Print 1 to 1”.

Does “Print 1 to 1” print the record you want, even if the record you want is the 10th record?

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Selecting “Print 1 to 1” prints the envelope that I am viewing in PanX at the time.