Printing on the MAC OS, No Page Setup

I still have to print to PDF on tabloid pages, then print from the Preview App to get my files to fit on a US Letter page. It seems as though we need to fix this soon. Or is this unique to my computers?


There must be something unique about your situation that you haven’t told us yet. I’ve been printing letter sized pages from PX for a year and a half.

I can print to regular letter paper but I cannot get any of my databases to fit. They only print one size = BIG. Putting any value into Page Setup makes no difference.

This is from 2 desktop and 2 laptop computers.


It’s not unique to your computer

Are you trying to print the data sheet, not a form?

'Not sure what Dave is showing.

I am printing a data sheet, not any form.


What Dave is showing is that you cannot shrink the printing to fit the page from within Panorama X, whether by using scaling in Page Setup, or by using Scale to Fit in the Print dialog. It is an unresolved bug.

YES! This has been one of the most frustrating things about Pan X