Printing Odd and Even Pages

I’m porting my calendar printing database to Pan X and am getting stuck in how to print odd and even pages. In Pan 6, I had 2 data tiles - one for the odd page and one for the even page. When the left and right pages are open in the paper calendar, they cover the whole week (M, Tu, W on the left and Th, F, Sa, Su on the right) with the margin bigger where the pages meet, which allows room for the binding.

Is there a way to create this option in Pan X?


Sorry, Panorama X does not currently have this feature.

I have something like this where I print a schedule from two forms over four pages, the first form for the first part of the season and the second form for the second part. Each form prints down for as many weeks as necessary. It requires collation, at some point.

It wasn’t too hard to make a work-around, just takes a little more attention to make it work.
I split the odd and even pages into separate forms. To print, the printing procedure selects the odd page records first and prints them on the odd page form. I then flip the stack of pages onto Tray 1 of the printer to print the even pages in reverse order, which happens after the procedure selects the proper even page records and prints on the even page form.