Printing new page based on summary level

I’m currently in the process of re-learning what the heck I did with Panorama almost 25 years ago (how did that happen!) and trying to update to Pan X

In the form design there used to be check boxes to either start a new page or new column at a specific level of summary. This was great for producing separate detailed reports based, for example, on city.

I’m not having any luck finding that option, if it now exists and am a bit lost as how it might implemented in Pan X.

If any one can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

(ps add me to the list of users who used crosstabs I have 3 in the database that were routinely used)


That option is not currently available in Panorama X.

Excellent. I use them also.

Thanks, Jim.
I hope the ‘new page’ capability isn’t too far down the road as the alternative looks doable but, at the moment complicated and not as clean.

I’ve also been playing with Michael’s cross tab as a possible alternative.

btw The more i dig the more i’m impressed with the added capability of Pan X. It surely looks like the work is going to be worth it

Just bumping this to see if and when this feature might be added back into PanX. In Pan6 I use many reports based on summaries and breaks between pages based on those summaries.

We know you have a ton on your plate, Jim. Just hopin’.

As am I… I’ve gotten around some of the limitations but it’s nowhere as neat a job as the original, either in programing nor the output…

(Some of us still need to do a LOT of printed forms)