Printing - Lagging with spinning cursor ball

Decided to move some simple db’s from Pan 6 over to Pan X… I have been frustrated with spinning cursor balls while printing. I am also getting this while working on a form, creating or adjusting it…
It takes over 45 seconds once I start to print to pdf using system dialog for it to release back for me to use Pan X.
A little maddening… I just want to get back to work with the db but it will not let me. I have to wait…and wait…
This also happens with just printing to a printer…

My main database has 500 records in it. I have another db with 8000 records with 15 fields it goes and gets data from with lookups. Pretty simple stuff. Pan 6 flew through this without a delay. I thought maybe it is the view as a list form that had Superobjects (read where only text display objects should be on it) brought over from pan 6 so I deleted that form. Still really slow. Maybe someone can point me to what I can do.

Thought about just trying to build from scratch. Maybe there is something related when bringing a Pan 6 file over.
Any ideas?

I don’t know why you are seeing the spinning balls, but I can tell you that form objects created manually are exactly identical to form objects created when a Panorama 6 form is imported. So I don’t think building from scratch will help if you just create the exact same thing.

If you have multiple windows open in a database, you might try closing windows other than the one you are currently using. Extra background windows can slow Panorama X down. (Background windows associated with other databases, however, do not affect performance of the frontmost window.)

I just ran into the same problem, in a database of about 20,000 records, with a fraction of that printing to a form with report tiles (about 72 pages, landscape). This happened whether I printed it or saved it as a PDF, both using the print statement and the printtopdf statement, both to the printer and as a PDF (I was trying everything I could think of to get the beach balls to go away).

The PDF did save, and the print document did come out (or give me a print dialog, from which I saved a PDF).

I didn’t wait for the beach balls to resolve, instead just force quitting Pan X to get out of them. They all lasted for 30 seconds or more, though, before I killed them.

I’m having the same problem. At first, I would print to a pdf, using the dialog, and move to the Finder to open the pdf right after printing, not waiting for the screen to clear. When I would try to return to PanX, however, there was a 10-15 second delay, before PanX would come to the fore, and then, it was with the spinning beachball, which was disabling until I could clear it. After reading this thread, I closed a bunch of windows, and tried again. Problem persisted until I quit PanX and re-opened. Print progress bar now hangs at the end for 15-20 seconds, but then clears and all is ok.