Printing in landscape mode

Hello Friends,
I was hoping this problem of mine would have been solved in this build. My form that I want to print is in landscape mode and I want to print it in landscape. I go to the form and select landscape in page setup. Unfortunately, it is not saved when I close the file, it will revert to portrait next time. I have experimented in my procedure of using printtopdf and setting the orientation to landscape, but then I have to go to my desktop and print the pdf that was created.

If you use the new “printer” option, it will be printed immediately, instead of creating a PDF.

printtopdf "","orientation","landscape","printer",""

Thank you for the quick response. I will try it.

The option I would like to see appears to be missing. Which is, how many copies to print. Is it just missing from the doc, or is it out of the question?

This is the sort of question I could easily have answered on Saturday, but now I’ll need to get back to you in a week or so once the new computer is set up.

Since I can’t look at the source code right now, but my guess is that this option isn’t included because it wouldn’t make any sense for saving a PDF file. But now that this command can also print immediately, it does make sense, so I will look into adding this. I’ve added it to Bitbucket.