Printing from PanX?

I have several forms that I made in Pan6 . . . they will not print in PanX . . . the screen goes black . . . ? ? ? . . . I am not a teckie or a programmer . . . what doI need to simply . . . ? ? ?

I would check for a background colored rectangle on the Pan 6 form and removing it; or try removing layout elements from the PanX form.

Thanks for your quick reply . . . I have no "background colored rectangle"s, when the screen goes black it is not just the form but the entire computer screen goes black… not crashed, I can get back to the form by clicking on the PanX icon . . . I’m quite sure what you mean by “removing layout elements from the PanX form” thanks again . . .

the form is all text

If the entire screen goes black, how can you click on the icon??

We have never heard of a problem anything like this. Please compress this database to a .zip file and email it to support [at] provue [dot] com, so that we can attempt to diagnose this problem.

I have two monitors, only the monitor that the file is displayed on goes black . . . after I get rid of the black screen, the form is displayed but will not print. It is as if I had not even chosen print. And when I try to close the form it will not close. I go to the “view” menu and choose “Data Sheet”, nothing happens . . . I don’t seem to be able to get rid of the form window . . . I don’t really want to send copy of the file as it has sensitive financial information I don’t want to send out . . . I see many great improvements in PanX but It is like I need to learn how to use the program all over again . . . some of my print “forms” I created many years ago . . .

How do you get rid of the black screen?

I understand your reluctance to send a copy of the file, but if you are unable to do that then we will be unable to investigate this any further.

What if you make a new form, can you print that? What happens if you try to print the data sheet?


Could you make a duplicate of the database, delete all the records, add a few sample records, then send that to support?