Printer IP's and Passwords

I didn’t want to highjack that thread on IP’s and printers because this question is in the area but not on the block. Has anyone every had a hacking problem using their WiFi printer without a password? I didn’t set one up because I thought I’d have to enter a password every time I wanted to print. The only time and “issue” came up was when neighbor decided to use my printer for his expense report and COVID Test result. Once I let him know, that action stopped. I also changed the visible name of the printer to, “Not My Printer” - which they would have to choose by mistake.

But that’s not “hacking” per say - they just picked the wrong printer from the list their computer gave them - like when you look at NetWorks and see a list of all your neighbor’s WiFi routers (password protected).

My printer, un-passworded, is on that list - but of course no one is going to come to the house - if they even knew where the house was - as ask for their printout.

Has this been an issue for anyone? If you set a password, do you need to enter it each time you print?

This isn’t really a topic for this forum.

However, how did your neighbor even see your printer at all unless he or she was using your WiFi? I do not have a password on my printer, but it isn’t even visible unless I am connected to my WiFi router. For example once we had an internet outage so I was using my iPad as a hotspot – and I couldn’t print when doing that. It sounds like your neighbor is piggybacking on your WiFi.