Print todays date and Page Number

Hello Friends,
Still getting to know the new Panorama X

I have been printing a listing in Pan 6 with the date of the printing (today) and the Page Numbers.
The formulas that I used that are now giving me errors are:
datepattern(today(),“Month dd, yyyy”)
Page «page#»

How can I get them to both work again. Much appreciated.

I think the datepattern( formula still works. Read the documentation in the Panporama X Help about info(“page number”) and info(“page count”).

Still does not work. It works just fine in Pan 6 but broken in Pan X using the exact same form,

Sorry. I think I figured it out. You have to put the formula into a “Text Display Object”. It would certainly help if there was more documentation. Some of the videos do not play even though you click the free button.

I got it to work by using text editor and making it a formula.

Thanks so much.

Panorama 6 had two types of graphic objects for displaying text with data – auto wrap text and text display objects. A goal in Panorama X was to eliminate that sort of unnecessary and confusing duplication, so Panorama X only has one type of of object for displaying text with data – text display objects.

However, a Panorama X text display object actually can work like an old Panorama 6 auto wrap text object. To do that, go to the properties and change the mode from Formula to Literal Text.

When in literal mode you can substitute fields into the text using « and », and formulas into the text using { and } – just as you could when using an auto wrap text object.

When a Panorama 6 form is imported into Panorama X, any auto wrap text objects in the form are automatically converted into text display objects, with the mode set to Literal Text. So these objects will continue to work the same as they did in Panorama 6.

You have, however, discovered a bug. When I did all this work, there was no printing, so I didn’t add the code so that subtituting «page#» would work. I needed to circle back and add that when printing was added, but it never happened. So I’ll need to do that now, and I’ve just added this as a BitBucket issue.

In the meantime you can get the page number to work immediately. If you are using a Text Display object in Literal Text mode, you would do that by substituting a formula using { and }, like this.


If the Text Display object is in formula mode, then you would just include info("pagenumber") as part of the formula.

I’m not sure why you are having problems with the datepattern( function, it works exactly the same as it did in Panorama 6. If you are using a Text Display object in Literal Text mode, you would do that by substituting a formula using { and }, like this:


This is exactly the same as you would have done it in Panorama 6 in an auto-wrap text object.

Pete Schuder suggested using a Text Editor object with the formula option – that will work, but I think the better option is to use a Text Display object.

This is the primary reason why Panorama X is currently “early access”. It won’t graduate from that status until the documentation is more complete.

Really? I’ve played every single video multiple times without problems, and there have been no other reports of problems from anyone else. If there are problems, I’d like to know about it ASAP so that I can report it to Vimeo – ProVUE is paying to host those videos, so they had better work.

Working well now using the Text Display Object. Thank you so much.

In the original post there was a question about the datepattern function not working. I think I now now what @CMTA’s problem was in that regard. I think he was not using the function, but rather using a «date: pattern» tag as described on page 1103 of the Panorama 6 Handbook. Like the «page#» tag, this wasn’t implemented in Panorama X. I have just finished implementing both of these tags, so this won’t be a problem in the future. In the meantime, you can print these items with the datepattern( and info(“pagenumber”) functions as described above.