Print Overflow of Text List

Before I spend a lot of time barking up this tree, is it possible to have a text list print across multiple pages?

I do not think it is possible to print anything across multiple pages. My workaround is to have one form for the first page across, and then other forms for the additional pages.

There are a variety of work arounds but if Text Lists and Matrices can use an Overflow Page that’s certainly clean and desirable.

If not, I may just pull ArrayRanges from the array that builds the list and loop through printing.

Sounds like the arrayrange/looping would work. If I wanted to do this, I would export the contents of the Text List to a text file and open that with a text editor or word processor or Excel then print. You can do a fair amount of formatting during the export process.

Ah, but I have the desired formatting already set up in the Text List. So if I just refill it, or a similar Text List with parts of the overall array I can maintain the formatting as I loop and print one page at a time. When done I just refresh with the original array.

If you have the text list set up, it is no problem to divide that into several text lists with columns that will fit one page. That is how I do it, although with matrixes.

There is currently no overflow feature in Panorama X at all, for any kind of object.

Are you planning to implement the overflow feature?

I have automatically generated content that needs to overflow to multiple pages. I understand that there are ways around it like the use of arrayrange. Calculating the array size before printing is possible, but it will be a different method of calculation for every form that uses overflow(). I rather wait to see this implemented, hopefully before moving into production mode.

I won’t say that this will never be implemented, but it is not on the current roadmap.

Keep in mind that overflow did not work across pages, only down, even in Panorama 6.