Print in Landscape mode in Pan 6

I can not seem to print my form in landscape mode. I change in the page setup but it still will not work.

I can’t believe no one else is not having this sam problem. How about Jim weighing in on this since no one has offered any help. I paid the $300 for 5 years on Pan X but I continue to use Pan 6 all the time.

This has been discussed in this forum several times before.

There is a working solution for this problem: Read the documentation of the statement printtopdf and its options.

(This thread is tagged as “Panorama Classic”, but I think you are talking about Panorama X).

I suspect that it is something with the individual file. Have you tried Zap Page Setup in the Wizards>Utilities menu?

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the response.

I am using the latest Pan 6 and I do not see “Zap Page Setup” in the Wizards /Utilities menu.

Is it available in Pan 6?


– Jerry Jambazian

This topic is titled Print in Landscape mode in Pan 6. He left it uncategorized, so I tagged it based on the title. I still think that’s correct.

Open the Preferences page and check Include “Built-in” wizards in Wizard menu. Then you should see it in Wizards/Utilities.

OK, it’s about Pan 6.

Jerry, you have to check this option in General Preferences > Include “Built-in” wizards in Wizards menu.

Then you will find it under Wizards > Utilities > Zap Page Setup.

Thanks for all your help but it still does not work.

I even reset my HP Printer to factory defaults.

I did use the Zap Page Setup with still no results.

Frustrating because I have always been able to print in landscape with no problem.

I can change the orientation to landscape but it will still print in portrait.

I am using Pan 6.0.0 which is the latest build.

I run into errors using the “printtopdf” in my procedure.

I am not sure that Pan 6 likes it.

Is there a preference for Pan 6 that needs to be trashed.


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If you set the page setup to landscape, does Preview show it in landscape? Check both Panorama’s and the one in the PDF button of the Print… dialog.

If it is landscape there, then there may have been a change in the printer driver that is causing a problem.

Hi again Bruce,

If I change the settings to landscape it will preview just fine but I cannot print from the preview mode.

When I go to print the dialog will come up with the icon in portrait mode. There is no option there to change to landscape.

I have tried going to the HP site to see if there are any drivers for my LaserJet Pro 400 Color M451dn.

Like I said this was working great before. I wonder if the problem arose when I updated to High Sierra?

Should I still assume the “printtopdf” will not work in my procedure in Pan 6?


– Jerry Jambazian

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printtopdf is a Panorama X statement, so it is not applicable to Panorama 6

It sounds like a driver problem. If you go to the Print… dialog, and chose Open in Preview from the PDF button, does it appear in landscape? If so, can you print it from Preview? Can you print anything else in landscape, from another application?

The other thing you might try is resetting the printing system. In System Preferences, Printers & Scanners, you would control-click on the list of printers and you will get the option of doing that. Once you do that, you will need to add your printers back in.

Actually, before you do that, you might check to see that you are using the proper driver. If you click on the printer, Options & Supplies should show the version.

Yes, it is a statement of Panorama X.

Your problem is is not a common Pan 6 problem. Printing in landscape view does work well for me in Pan 6 to a HP printer under macOS 10.13.1.

Does the problem appear just for one database only? Or can’t you generally print database forms in landscape view?

Are other applications able to print in landscape view?

This happens in any Pan 6 database I want to print in landscape.
I can set the form to landscape, preview the document and try to print it will print in Portrait.
I am more convinced that the problem is with High Sierra because I did not ever have this problem with Sierra.
I will next delete the printer from system preferences and reinstall.
After reading some of the threads (some not to pleasant) I can further appreciate that Jim is under no obligation to make sure that Pan 6 works with any new operating system Apple comes out with.
Even though I paid for the 5 year subscription I might have to bite the bullet and convert my Pan 6 files to Pan X.
I will have to brush up on importing my Pan 6 files into Pan X. I will be anxious to see if I can print in landscape.

Thank you so much Bruce.
I think the problem is solved.
I deleted the printer in System Preferences and reinstalled the HP printer.
I was able to print in landscape mode just fine.
Thanks to everyone for the help.

Glad to help. There was some classic trouble-shooting here: Finding out whether others have the same problem, seeing whether it is the application where you discovered the problem or elsewhere, and then go through trouble-shooting for the problem area.