Print as PDF not same as Preview

I find that when I “Save to PDF”, the PDF version of the report form I wish to create is distorted. The columns are different lengths and the text in the last column is truncated. However, before I try to print (“Save to PDF”), I view the report in Preview and all is as it should be, an accurate PDF version of the report form appears. Thus, when I want to create an accurate PDF version of the report form, I must save the Preview.

Internally Panorama X only has one method for creating PDF files. The exact same code is used to create the PDF file whether you use Save to PDF, File>Preview, or whatever.

It sounds you are using the print command from the file menu and then save to PDF. There are deficits in this method, because Pan X does not save the page settings for each form the same way Pan 6 did it.
Instead of that, you should consider to use a print procedure, specially the printtopdf statement with all its options. Read the documentation:

Thanks for the tip KJM.

Jim: I understand that the code is the same but the outputs are different. Try it.