Pricing for PanX Server

Jim, have you figured out yet how Provue will charge for using the server? If so, what will it be. Answer whenever you are ready; no rush. I almost hate to ask this sort of question since it’s not the main think you are working on. I see that I last asked you about this in October. Tom

Still haven’t nailed that down.

The tenative plan is to price it by usage, sort of like electricity. So low usage, low price, high usage, higher price. The current version does track usage (requests, amount of data transferred, runtime, # of sessions) and periodically uploads it to Every now and then I take a look just to verify that the system is actually working, it seems to be.

At the moment, I don’t really have any context to understand these numbers. What is high usage? What is low usage? I don’t think I can really figure that out until there are a bunch of testers, some of whom are using it in production. So it will probably be a while before this is really nailed down.

I’m sure that I recently saw this information but cannot find it anywhere now. I have a need to refer a couple of clients to it, so unless I imagined it, where is the server pricing posted?

The available information is on the Denali FAQ page, under How Much will Panorama X Server Cost.