Price range using Formula Fill

I have a formula that calculates ranges based upon the dollar amount in increments of 20%:


How can I convert it to calculate in increments of $100?

I am assuming that this question is related to one you asked in June of 2007.

I have a number column with over 600K dollar amount records. I wish
to group these records in ranges of plus 20% (350.00-420.00;
420.01-504.00; 504.01-604.80, ect) and tag these ranges in a number
sequential order (350.00-420.00 equals 1; 420.01-504.00 equals 2;
504.01-604.80 equals 3, ect).

This one will be much simpler.

FieldName\100 + 1

Exactly Dave - thank you very much!

What if the lowest number is 800, 1,000 or 1,200 and I wish to start the lowest number to be Range1 and then on forth in increments of 100?

Immediately after you do the GroupUp, the lowest range should be first, and your range number field should be active, so you could follow that with something like

Local Smallest
Smallest = «»
FormulaFill «» - Smallest +1

That would reduce your smallest range to 1, and subsequent ranges by the same amount.