Prerelease of Panorama X build 1916 available

I’ve uploaded a new version of Panorama X. Here are the release notes – there will be some additional notes about the on demand videos when this version is officially released.


Panorama X 0.1.023 (1916) Release Notes

Much of the work in this version is in preparation for starting to release Panorama X to a wider audience (on a limited basis, for now).

  • The Help menu contains several new items, including Panorama Discussion Forum. Choosing this item causes the forum to open in an external browser window. This is a new forum, not the QNA list. This new forum is based on software called Discourse. We’re really excited about bringing Panorama discussion into the modern world with features like flexible formatting (including Markdown), mobile & tablet support, topic summaries, real time notifications, advanced image handling, automatic URL embedding, file attachments, link tracking, polls, wiki posts, private messaging, groups, revision history, community moderation, spam blocking, the list goes on and on. See Discourse Features to learn more about these features and many more.

  • There is now a complete on-line public copy of Panorama Help available at You normally wouldn’t use this directly (especially since it has no search capability), but it will be very convenient for sharing a help topic page in an email or on the discussion forum. To facilitate that, the Help window has a new Topic menu, with options to Copy Topic URL and Open Topic in Browser. These commands use the public copy of the help, so you can share the URL with someone else and they’ll be able to easily go right to the same topic.

  • The Help menu contains a link to the Panorama X Video Training web page. This page makes the sessions from the Panorama X Developer Certification course available for purchase by any Panorama customer. The videos have been edited to remove “dead air” and combined into coherent topics from 1 to 3 hours long. Videos can be purchased individually, or you can Buy All, in the latter case, you will also receive new sessions as they are added to the collection.

  • The Site License wizard (and associated back end) is now complete for managing your account, including making secure payments. The History tab now displays payment and usage history. Usage statements are generated once per month, click on a statement to see the usage of each individual computer during the statement period. Panorama X will remind you when the account balance is low, with more frequent and insistent reminders if the balance becomes zero or negative.

  • Report tiles no longer creep down one point each time form is printed (issue #431).

  • If a report tile has a color, the color will now be printed (issue #470).

  • Text Editor object with the Pop-Up Editing option enabled now prints correctly even if it is the currently selected field (issue #494).

  • Unlike Panorama 6, Panorama X doesn’t allow date pattern components to be placed next to each other with no separator. This is still true, but I have added six new “components” for common date patterns – DDMMYY, MMDDYY, YYMMDD, DDMMYYYY, MMDDYYYY and YYYYMMDD (issue #496).

  • When exporting tab or comma delimited text from the File>Export menu, hidden fields are no longer included in the export (issue #497). Added new exportlinevisiblecells( and csvexportlinevisiblecells( functions. The databaseexportcsv and databaseexporttsv statements no longer include hidden fields in the export.

  • Fixed the post and postadjust statements (issue #481.)

  • The arraysearch( function now correctly handles items that contain line separator characters (issue #499).

  • Fixed problems with numeric and date formulas in the Find/Select dialog (issue $454). This dialog will no longer indicate an error if you have leave a numeric or date constant empty – it now assumes zero or today if a constant is missing. Also, text searches on numbers and dates now work (contains, begins with, ends with, etc.).

  • Morph dialog no longer displays error alerts if you use a formula that contains a misspelled function name (issue #463).

  • Taking modulo of zero now generates an error instead of a crash (issue #478).

  • Corrected drawing of borders around image display objects (issue #476).

  • When editing a cell in the data sheet, Command-Period now cancels the edit, closing the Input Data Window and reverting back to the original data (issue #480). (Note: You have been able to do this with the ESCAPE key all along.)

  • Upgraded included Font Awesome to version 4.6 (with 23 new icons).