Premiere of Panorama X Demo Movie

As a member of this forum, you are probably already a member of the “Panorama Fan Club”. Unfortunately, this club is rather more exclusive than any of us would like.

A big goal of Panorama X is to expand the size of that club. Of course, no matter how good the software is, that’s not going to be enough. It’s going to take a multi-pronged marketing campaign to expand awareness of Panorama.

Decades ago, presentations at user groups and trade shows were a significant component of marketing for both OverVUE and Panorama. To this day, the concentration of Panorama users in California is higher than anywhere else in the world, I believe because of the many user group presentations I did up and down the state, and at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. I got to meet many of you personally at these meetings.

I really enjoyed giving live presentations, and the immediate feedback helped improve both the products and the presentations themselves. These days, however, there aren’t really any venues for live presentations. On the other hand, thanks to the internet a presentation can now be available anywhere in the world, 24/7/365. So I’ve taken the presentation I would have done live, and packaged it up. I’m hoping this presentation will be a key link in bringing new users into the Panorama fold. (Of course another key link is getting them to watch the video in the first place, but that’s another story for a different day.)

As an experienced Panorama user, you aren’t really the audience this movie is intended for. Still, I thought many of you would enjoy watching it, so without further ado, enjoy the show!

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Interesting history of how things are marketed. As the instigator of the Orange Apple Computer Club, Mac Special Interest Group (which then obviously took over as the primary group when the Apple II passed on), we did enjoy your presentation of OverVUE at our December 1984 meeting which took place in Huntington Beach, CA. We also have enjoyed multiple other presentations of Panorama over the years.

As you’ve noted, things have changed. While our group did morph from meeting at the local college, and then to a consultant’s office center, we have now morphed into an online meeting format. We just recently moved our meetings online. We use Zoom and our ‘meetings’ on the 2nd Saturday at 9:00 am for the ‘live’ meeting with our meetings then saved for posterity and so that others can later watch a historical meeting.

I’ll take a look at the video and see how we might assist in further promoting Panorama. Thanks for creating it.

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That December 1984 meeting was in Huntington Beach, not at Orange Coast College? I don’t remember that – but I definitely remember doing 4 or 5 presentations at OACC over the years :slight_smile:

It was at User Friendly Computers, owned by John Russ, and was located on Beach Blvd @ Slater.

I did enjoy it - a very professional presentation that should leave the viewer wanting more information. Now to get people to watch it!

Speaking of obsolete marketing methods, I think I originally heard about Panorama by receiving a CD in the mail. It looked interesting but I didn’t have any uses for it. Some time later, I was looking for a Mac database with server capabilities and remembered Panorama. I think that must have been around 1995 and I have been using it ever since.

Ah yes, the good old days, when Macworld at Moscone fit in one hall and had Apple.

Take a look at ScreenCastsOnline. He does a GREAT job presenting software, and has a large subscriber base. Each show centers on one or sometimes two items, and Don McCalister demos in depth how they work. Once upon a time you could sponsor a show, paying for him to demo the software - don’t know if that’s still the case, I haven’t heard a show in a long time where he said it was sponsored.