Preferred term for data entry object

Is there a preferred generic term for a data entry object when writing documentation? I avoid calling them objects because I don’t think that’s helpful for new users, so I’ve been calling them data entry boxes.

There are a lot of objects that can enter data. There are text editors, popup menus, lists, data buttons, and probably something I forgot. If you are talking about them in general, I think it’s best to call them objects, rather than boxes. When they go to put one on the form, they are objects.

I guess that you are referring to text editor objects given your description of the objects as boxes. I think the new users should learn the correct terms for the various objects, such as text editor objects, because that is the term that is used throughout the documentation and by other Panorama users. Coming up with a different term seems to add some risk of confusion. When they look at the list of objects to put on a form, they will not find a data entry box. If they posted a question to the forum about data entry boxes, people may wonder exactly what they are referring to. So those are some reasons I see for using the official terminology.

I defer to the two wise men :slight_smile: