Posttorelated problems

So, I have the same to databases, “New AP Customer List” and “New AP Purchases”, and they are related to each other. Yes, after my last embarrassing mistake, I have checked that. Both DBs have the following first 4 fields:
“CombinedName” is calculated to be:
?((FirstName="") AND (LastName=""),Company,FirstName+" "+LastName)

When entering data in “New AP Purchases” entering the first 3 fields goes smoothly and combined name gets filled in as I tab to it. When I tab out of the “CombinedName” field I want to check if that combined name value is in the “New AP Customer List”. The Code entry for the “CombinedName” field is:
posttorelated " New AP Customer List",“APPEND”,“yes”
When I tab out of the “CombinedName” field I get the following Alert:

If I were to get that to work I would need to specify a form to go to enter remaining data in the customer list, but I’ll settle, for now, getting kicked into the customer list for a new customer entry.
Maybe I should be doing something else like a lookup function. Somebody want to point me in the correct direction?

Is this really your code, or did you manually type this form entry into the forum post and make a typo? If this is really your code, I think you made a typo, there should not be a space at the beginning of the file name.

Ok, I think there really is an extra space in your code, because if I try the posttorelated statement with an incorrect file name I get the same error. If you remove the extra space I think it will work.

I’ve filed a bug report since the posttorelated statement should undoubtably produce a more informative error message if there is a typo in the database name.