Postponing using PanX

Mr Rea
Besides having trouble with converting macros, my program has either crashed or hung 15 times over the weekend. I’ve lost about two hours of work when I try to restart the program and my file won’t open. And I just don’t like to worry every minute that my file will crash again. I’ll try again after several revisions. My Mac runs System 10.9.5 so it should be OK.

There are some problems that are related to the system software, and run correctly in High Sierra but not earlier versions. That may not be the issue, but it is something you should be aware of.

Something very strange is going on. Panorama X sends ProVUE a debug log whenever it is launched after a crash or hang. According to the logs, you had one hang on Saturday, and two crashes on Sunday.

This is also very strange. I’ve never heard of a file not opening after a crash or hang. When you say “won’t open”, what does that mean? Did it crash again? Nothing happened? Perhaps it was open but no windows showed up? In that case, you can open a window with the View Organizer. You can also use the Find & Open Database dialog to force Panorama X to open just the data sheet when opening a form.

Also, unless you’ve turned off auto-save on your system, there should be absolutely no way it is possible to lose two hours of work. If you look through previous posts on this forum, I don’t think you’ll find any like that.

It’s unlikely that just waiting will have a different result. Panorama X isn’t like a typical “1.0” release, there have already been 42 versions released, and over 33,000 of use. I feel safe in saying it’s not a buggy program at this point. It sounds like there are specific problems with either your system or your database, and those will probably have to be directly addressed to resolve them.

Bruce has a good point – you are running a 4 year old system at this point – one that Apple hasn’t supported for a couple of years. Though I don’t know of any specific problems with Panorama X on 10.9, we do not have a 10.9 system here at ProVUE, and do not do any testing on 10.9. Based on our logs it appears that only about 1% of Panorama X users are still using 10.9.

Mr Rea
I’m not exaggerating and I can count to 15. The program went down 15 times since between Friday night and Sunday night. When the file crashed which happened most of the time, PanX was able to restart the file without loss of data. On Sunday night the couple times that the program hung and I had to Force Quit is where I lost data. The hung file that I was working on would crash at every attempt to re-open. I would have to use an older backup copy of the file that would open.
I’m not a real programmer so this situation of debugging is quite intimidating. I’ve been using these same macros on Pan6 and older for many years without problems.
I’ve also noticed that the macros in PanX have a mixture of lines of blue font and some black font. Is there significance to this.
I could send a macro that’s still giving me trouble but its 451 lines long. Many of the macros in the file are that long. Is there a ceiling on how large the marcos can be.

Thank you and everybody else for your suggestions and concerns.


Can you put the file on Dropbox? If so, do so and send us the URL.

If not, send it to the email address I’ve sent you via a personal message. Remember to zip it first. And, ideally, upgrade you OS.

I’ve taken on Dave’s problems as a project - it’s going to be a very big job.

Yes. It is a kind of syntax highlighting, and it clarifies the structure of your procedures:
Black: Statements and functions
Blue: Text arguments
Green: Comments

Just curious: Is it crashing on your Mac, too?

I’m not running any procedures at this stage, I’m checking the uncompiled procedures and fixing them. Do you want me to test for crashes on Dave’s original file?

That would help to eliminate (or nail) system versions as a possible cause for his problems.

This happened to me all day yesterday. I would convert a file from Panorama 6, open it, save it in Panorama X and it wouldn’t open from the finder. If I created a procedure to open any of the files, they opened perfectly. I would close them, then try to open them from the finder and nothing happened. I also lost changes in 3 different files I was working on yesterday when Panorama X crashed several times. I save every few minutes but my changes were gone.

I’m using OS 10.11.6.

I’ve asked David to send me his original Panorama 6 file so I can test its conversion to Panorama X.

I now have David’s original Panorama 6 file and it converts to Panorama X seamlessly in Sierra. This certainly suggests that his OS is the cause of the problem.