Post statement not found in View Search

Neither the post statement nor any of the contents of the post help page can be found using View Search in the View menu. However these can be found using Open View.

I usually use View Search and haven’t come up against any issues at all before this one.

Are you searching “All Databases + Libraries”?

I was searching “Panorama Help”. Thanks for your tip, but it is a gotcha. I wonder why searching help doesn’t find it. Is it something to do with you being the author?

Let me clarify that. Searching in Panorama X Help in the Help menu does find the post page.

(I was actually searching for “updateadd” to see if there were any other statements or functions that used this post method in an array. When I found nothing else in the regular Help I tried View Search.)

I’m not really sure what you are getting at here. But you definitely can search for updateadd, and as you can see, the post statement is the only one that uses it.

Make sure that you have All Databases + Libraries selected, and Full Source Search.

But View Search is definitely not a tool for searching the help, it’s only for searching source code. Which can of course be very useful if you’re an experienced programmer.

Maybe what you really wanted to do was a full text search on the help? If you do that, then searching for updateadd does bring up post, and nothing else.

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Remember, if you don’t select Full Text Search, the search only searches the topic names, not the full body text of each topic.

View Search is searching the procedures and forms for the search text. It is not searching the content of database fields. The results will be the names of the procedures and forms that contain that text in their names, or procedure content, or object settings.

The Help file keeps the names of the articles in the Page field, and the text of the articles themselves in the Body field. It’s those fields you need to be searching, rather than its procedures or forms. That’s what you will be searching when you use the search box in Help.