Post requires a selected target

The documentation for the post statement does not indicate whether or not it’s required that the targeted record must be among the select records.

There are options to select all and they make it work, but either there’s a minor omission in the documentation, or there’s a bug in the post statement. I suspect it’s the documentation.

Well, I think the implication of this option is that if you don’t use the all option, the targeted record must be selected. Otherwise, why would there be an all option? However, I’ve just submitted a correction that explicitly states that the targeted record must be selected if the all option isn’t used.

Note - I just checked, and the posttorelated statement works differently. It will automatically do the select all if necessary.

Meantime, I’ve submitted a couple of Help corrections on post

The correction you submitted earlier today has not been incorporated into the Help yet, but all of the earlier ones have been.