Possible Issue With "Quit Panorama X"

Hello Everyone!

When I use the “Quit Panorama X” menu function in Pan X, sometimes Pan X quits, and sometimes it doesn’t.

I thought it might be that some of my open databases were “Edited”, and could not be closed without first saving. However, sometimes Pan X will quit, with some of my open database being “Edited”.

Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 9.37.31 AM

Looks like Pan X 10.2.0 b26 fixed an issue allowing Pan X to close even if a current record is being modified. When my issue occurs, there are no records being modified.

In case it matters, the databases in question are shared.

Any suggestions?

Also, in general, what does Pan X do when it quits shared databases? Does it sync, save, and then close?

I just experienced this a few minutes ago and see it often. I have to find which file shows that it’s been edited then save. Once that’s done Quit works again. Ideally, I’d be asked if I want to save changes

Interesting. Pan X never asks me if I want to save a file. Is there an option to have Pan X prompt the user to save a file?

This is a macOS setting, not a Panorama X setting.

In Ventura you find it in System Settings > Desktop & Dock > Windows & Apps: “Ask, if changes shall be saved when closing a document”.

In older macOS / OS X this setting was under System Preferences > General, if I remember correctly.

OK. Thank you, I turned this setting on.

Previously, this setting was turned off on my computer. Do you know would happen to a database that was closed (using the quit command), and not saved prior to closure? Would Pan X save the edited data in that database? Or would those edits likely be lost?

As far as I know, Panorama X is using the Auto-Save feature of macOS. But I was not able to find information about it in the documentation today.

But it was mentioned often here in the forum. So you could search the forum for “auto-save”.

Thank you. Yes, Jim says elsewhere that the auto-save features is baked in.

If the auto-save feature is built-in, then I suppose the Pan X save prompt is only useful if one doesn’t wish to save.

Yes. Well, it doesn’t “sync”, which is a different thing, but it commits the currently edited record (if any) to the server. So nothing is lost.

Yes, it does use that macOS feature. That is why the “Ask, if changes shall be saved when closing a document” system setting applies to Panorama.

I’ve had this issue for some time with Panorama not quitting until I fished through windows to find the one marked Edited. Panorama just sat there otherwise.

I had no computers with the Ask option checked. Today I’m being asked about reviewing and saving. Thank you, Kurt.