Possible conversion to X from panorama 6?

I am currently using Panorama 6 and would like to eventually make the move over to version X. I have a program that was originally built with Overview and I am concerned there may be some issues with the code that will not convert or work correctly with Panorama X.
I am not an experienced programmer and I am hesitent to make this conversion! Are these legitimate concerns and is the time right to make the switch over or are there stability issues or other concerns with Panorama X? I have an auto repair business since 1984 using this database, and many customers and I need to make a smooth transition. Thanks for any help or ideas.

I am finding that there are legitimate concerns, and because of that, the time is right to start the conversion. It is not as simple as it is sometimes made out to be. A number of things that just work in Panorama 6 require a lot of extra care in Panorama X. However, we are getting near the end of the shelf life for Panorama 6, so the conversion should start now, while it is still possible to use both in parallel. Keep using Panorama 6, but work on the conversion to Panorama X. When you get the Panorama X version to work the way you would like, it is easy enough to import the data that you have from your Panorama 6 version.

I’m having second thoughts about upgrading from Panorama 6 to version x.
I’m not happy about it being a subscription, as that is now what I understand it to be.
This is a trend in software for my business, and others. It is NOT beneficial to the client, only to the developer, as it provides a continuous stream of income for an indefinite future time, and if it’s like the others I’ve been subjected to, it also means that I’ll have zero access to the records, data, product, notes, amounts, if for some reason I need to end the subscription, or if the developer ends it for any reason, including going out of business or selling it, or if the web goes down, etc.
It makes it very vulnerable to things beyond everyones control. Earthquake, fire, war, floods.
With true ownership, via paying for the product and having a copy of it and all data saved several ways, this is not a factor, and is what I very much prefer.

I think you’re wrong on all of those assumptions Bill. Whilst some subscription services are designed to make the supplier wealthy, the Panorama X system is very user-friendly. Jim will no doubt reply in more detail but I recommend that you have another look at the terms of the subscription.

No, it does not. You find answers to all your questions on ProVUE’s FAQ page.

I did assume it’s like software for my business: auto repair, > Alldata, Mitchel On Demand.
Good to hear that it’s not like that. :slight_smile: