Pop-Up Menu - Panorama "Classic"

I want a pop-up menu that is a URL, one of many in an array stored in a cell called “URL Array”, This arrays elements are separated by carriage returns.

When the pop-up is executed if one of N URLs are highlighted I want that URL to be the value of a Local Variable, which will in a procedure utilize the ShellOpenDocument statement to go to my browser an to that URL address.

Is the pop-up menu where I should be?

I suppose I am having a problem with the Menu Formula.

Yes, I will be stepping up to the plate for Panorama X any day now.

Happy Holidays.

George Beauchemin

The pop-up menu object is one way to go. In that case, you can’t use a local variable, it will have to be a fileglobal variable. You’ll have to set up a separate procedure that uses shellopendocument (in Panorama X you could just put the one or two lines you need right into the object, no need for a separate procedure).

Another option would be to use a transparent button with a popupclick statement. But then you would have to supply some sort of artwork to make it look like a button.

Hmm, in this case, you probably don’t want to display the most recently fired URL. So you might want to go with the transparent button/popupclick approach.

Thanks Jim,

The Transparent Button works like a charm. When attempting the Pop-Up I actually had FileGlobal variables.

I just could not figure out how to, in the Menu Formula, how to replace the default:
with my Array. I tried several ways, but nothing seed to work properly. I tried stuffing in the Cell Name in there but of course had some error. The cell is an array.

After hours of banging my head on my desk after your recommendation it was less than 5 minutes for it to work.


George Beauchemin

For future reference, you should be able to replace



«URL Array»

I suspect you left off the chevrons. In this case they are required because you have a space in your field name. If you left off the chevrons, Panorama would think you had two operands (URL and Array) with no operator in between, which is definitely an error.

Thank Jim. I have the other option working now too.