Pop Up Menu Button Quirk when copying it and pasting into another form or same form

I have a popup button that in formula mode will offer me a list of records that have been flagged that I use a chr(13) to delineate. I update a Permanent Variable used in the procedure. If I make changes I simply update the permanent variable. And I update when the database is first opened within the Initialize Procedure.

It was my most challenging transition from Pan X but with several adjustment to the code I got it working. Hurray. The original Pan 6 version is likely decades old.

Once working in Pan X I decided to copy the button and paste it into another form.

It did not work.

I troubleshooted it. Everything looked fine but no dice.

Tried the same thing on the same form. No success.

Eventually I took the procedure from the original, copied it, and overwrote the procedure in the new button.

It worked! I replicated the problem several times and each time if I copied the procedure and pasted it in the problem solved itself, even if I copied the procedure from the pasted button that was not working and then pasted it back in onto itself! Problem Solved.

The procedure was a Call statement. See below. One Line.

Pull Down Issue

A strange issue but hopefully I will save some folks some puzzling misery. God knows how many time generosity on this discussion forum has helped me.

Ventura OS with Studio Mac (Apple Silicon)