Phone dialing through Siri

As we all know we can have MacOS dial a number through our iPhones. Simply click on the Siri icon and tell it to call or choose a number in address book and click on the phone icon.

Sooooo… how can I get Panorama to access this feature and dial out?

I am not sure what you are aiming at: Dialing or this Siri method.

Panorama has been able to dial itself for a very long time. In Panorama X you go to Preferences > Channels and choose FaceTime from the popup menu. Read about the dialphone statement in the documentation.

This procedure also works and doesn’t require the ‘Channels’ setting to be set to ‘FaceTime’.

That procedure code is:

local tPhone, tCommand, tResult

tPhone = “1112223333”

tCommand = {open facetime-audio://} + {"} + tPhone + {"}

shellscript tCommand, tResult

The effect is the same as:

dialphone “1112223333”

when using what Kurt described above.

Thanks guys, both very helpful.

My preference is not to use FaceTime while on a call but to use my BlueTooth earpiece. If you have an iPhone, a simple couple of steps can move the call to your phone itself.

Start with the Panorama Preferences > Channels set to Dial using FaceTime.

In FaceTime Preferences > Settings, check Call from iPhone.

On the iPhone, under Settings > Phone > Calls on Other Devices, turn it on and set it to allow calls on the desired Mac.

Back in Panorama, run a procedure with

DialPhone TheNumber

A Notification should appear showing the number and “Click Call to make this call” with options to Call or Cancel. Click Call.

Once the call is initiated, you’ll see a green bar at the top of your iPhone screen. Touch that and it goes to a screen where you can change the audio to the iPhone or a BlueTooth device.

Once you have it set up you’ll find that it’s very quick and easy and you can automatically call anyone in your database via a procedure.

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