Phantom Connections Still Appearing Daily

One of the issues I previously reported, for which I want to send a reminder, is what I call phantom connections. The server has a count of connections that is wrong. When it is wrong, the count is always greater than the actual number. This is not a big deal; it doesn’t interfere with using the server, except when trying to upload a new generation. Here’s an example. The server says there is one client connected to the BetaComments database, but when you click the ‘1’, none are shown. There is no way that I know to correct it.
How come the server doesn’t check the number of connections periodically and get this synchronized with the list of connections that it shows when you click the number? Seems like a very computerly thing to do. But what do I know, this might be difficult to do and so a good idea to postpone until later.

This lists aren’t ever supposed to get out of synchronization. I know in the past few weeks I found one way they could get out of synchronization, and I believe fixed that. So what you are telling me is that there was more than one situation that could cause this problem. As I recall the previous problem occurred if the session was terminated from the Sessions panel – this left the database open with a session that didn’t exist any more. I think I fixed that, but I will check again. Any chance you are terminating a session before this happens? I would hope that wouldn’t be necessary on a daily basis.

In addition to trying to fix the underlying cause, I will look into providing a way correct this if the count does get out of whack.

In this case you showed the BetaComments database, but I take it that the database where this happens varies? Is there any pattern to which database this happens to? Maybe databases opened without any windows, for example?

Note: I originally posted this reply last night, but we’ve been having problems with our Internet, so it didn’t go out then.

I’m hoping that the b9 release I just uploaded will clear up this issue for you.

I have installed b9 this morning and the user status showing on the server is correct as of now. Hopefully, I will get everyone updated this morning to b9. I will monitor this and let you know what I find.