Personal Use licence not activating

I purchased a Personal Use licence so that I could use Panorama 6 on two machines simultaneously. That worked for a while but now it seems to have de-activated itself.

I get the ‘serial number conflict’ message if I have Panorama 6 running on both but I still get it after I’ve quit on both machines and opened on just one. I still get it on the desktop when the laptop is disconnected from the internet or even shut down.

How do I reactivate the Personal Use licence?

If you’re getting the ‘serial number conflict’ dialog, that doesn’t mean that the Personal Use license is not activated. It means that it thinks Panorama is running on more than one computer at a time. The dialog should tell you what the other computer is that is conflict. Is it saying that the laptop is the computer in conflict?

Certainly if the other computer is shut down, Panorama is confused. You might need to reboot the desktop computer.

FYI, the internet has nothing to do with it. Panorama 6 checks for duplicate serial numbers on the local network. Even if a computer is not connected to the internet, it could still be connected to the local network. However, certainly shutting it down completely, as you say you have done, will disconnect it from the local network. So it sounds like the problem is on the desktop computer side.

Well, that’s certainly true at the beginning. I misinterpreted the scope of the Personal licence - I thought it allowed me to use Panorama 6 on both at once. Not a big deal.

What do I look for on the desktop machine?

I would just suggest rebooting it. Hopefully that will “un-stick” whatever is stuck.