Permissions :-(

In spite of Apple’s claims that Permissions are no longer an issue, they are.

I have procedures that create folders. Currently I’m working on one that creates about 2,000 of them in a precise nested arrangement. On Pan 6 I could set permissions as folders were created via SetFilePermissions. Pan X has no such capability, or at least it rejects that one and I’ve found nothing that serves as a replacement.

Is there a way to easily set permissions with Pan X - or do I need to look into shell commands?

Maybe you have to give Panorama X Full Disk Access rights in macOS System Preferences > Safety.

Good thought Kurt. I know you’re dealing with a translation of your Preferences from German, so you’re probably referring to Security. I just tried it in Security > Privacy > Accessibility. No luck.

IMHO it should be Security > Privacy > Full Disk Access.

You can use a shellscript with the chmod comand to set the permissions as necessary. I see that the Panorama 6 SetFilePermissions is listed in the Panorama X unimplemented statement list for future inclusion. The old Panorama 6 version may have used the chmod command internally for all I know.

I was puzzled momentarily but it turns out that it depends on the OS. When I moved to another cpu, the Full Disk Access was among the choices.

New folders still come up with limited access though. Thanks!

It looks like that’s the way I’m going. I look forward to the day when Permissions really aren’t an issue, but for now I’ll hope to see the SetFilePermissions show up in PanX.

I don’t know where you got the idea that Apple claims that permissions are no longer an issue. I’ve never seen any such claim, and I would never expect that to happen. Permissions are a core UNIX feature. If anything, they are moving in the opposite direction, with additional restrictions like the Full Disk Access option needed in newer versions of macOS. Hopefully they won’t go all the way to complete lockdown like iOS. (Under the hood, iOS also has permissions by the way, though they are not in any way user accessible. At the core, iOS is also based on UNIX.)

I did a quick check and it looks like Panorama 6 did not use chmod to set permissions. But that’s how I would do it. I wouldn’t wait for SetFilePermissions, that probably won’t ever happen. But chmod, a built in UNIX shell command, gives you that functionality.