Parsing date with non-numeric month

This is my problem:

date( function: Illegal date “29 Jun 2013 14:58” (month must be from 1 to 12).

Is there no inverse of datepattern(?

when I enter date(“29 Jun 2013 14:58”) I do get the valid result of 2456473. But when I copied your entire quote I got an error due to the curly quote marks. Could that be the issue on your side?

Panorama uses curly quotes in its error messages, which is what I copied.

Since your formula yields the exact same error on my system, I assume date( is locale-dependent. Is there no portable version?

To be portable, replace the quoted date with either the field name or variable containing the date;




I meant portable between locales. I do not want my database to break just because a user has macOS set to something other than English.

This is the function you need:

To use this function you need to supply separate year, month and day examples. Suppose you had a variable that contained text in the date format specified in the original post:

let rawdate = "29 Jun 2013 14:58"

You’ll need to parse this yourself to use it with the datevalue( function:


This formula will work no matter what the region settings of the computer are set to.

Thank you. Feels a bit like 1998.

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