PanX Server Test Proposal

Hi Jim,
My old firm is interested in conducing a small test of the server. It would involve two databases and three people. It would allow me to test it across different subnets and with a VPN connection. Jim, do you have any concern about me doing that?
They would need to make a computer available for the server. One possible machine is a MacMini running OS 10.13. It now functioning as the server for their Accounting system, which is based on 4D. Do you know of any reason to be concerned about running the Panorama server on a machine running the 4D server?
They also may consider buying a MacMini now for this purpose (my preference but not my money). Do you have any guidance on how much RAM is necessary and how much is desirable? The PanX database file sizes total less than 1 GB.
Will it be possible to move the server to a different machine? They agree that if and when PanX server goes into service that it should be on a separate machine.