PanX Server Logging and Crashes

I set up a PanX database and have been importing the logs generated by the server logging. Analyzing the data has been much easier with it in a PanX database than just in the log. I have 13 days of logs included so far. One of the log entries shows up with the message “Resuming Previous session.” This occurs when a user disappears while a session is open, and then connects again. The server recognizes the the user already has an open session and reconnects them. I think that most of these reflect either a crash or freeze (followed by a force quit), but could include a lost connection to the server or closing a laptop.
I have learned that in the 13 days covered by the logs I have imported, there have been close to 53 crashes/force quits spread among 6 different users. That does not count crashes that I have experienced, which I am treating differently because most of them occur when I am trying to develop something new or make changes, not simply using the databases.
With the help of the server log, we have identified one failure mode and eliminated the cause, but most of them remain undetermined. This one failure mode accounts for quite a few of the 53 failures, so hopefully this number will be going down.
If anyone would like to have a copy of the database I set up, I would be happy to share it. You can import the log just by dragging and dropping it on a drag receiver.