PanX commands for MoveFile & TabDown from Pan6?

What are new options for these previous commands? Thanks for your help!

You can workaround the missing movefile statement by replacing it with a copyfile and follow it with a fileerase statement. Alternately, you could use the mv unix command in a shellscript or an AppleScript via the applescript statement.

As far as the tabdown statement is concerned I see it is listed in things not yet implemented. I don’t see any current viable workaround for it.

You should be able to replace the movefile statement with filerename. In fact, I just verified that in Panorama X filerename does everything that movefile did, so I am making movefile a synonym of filerename. In other words, in the next release of Panorama X, movefile will work. But to get it working now, just change to filerename.

As for Tab Down, that feature is not yet implemented in Panorama X. However, in your application it isn’t doing anything anyway. Tab Down only works in the data sheet, you are trying to use it in a form. Hmm, maybe RoomNumFill is a View-as-List form? Even if so, in Panorama X View-As-List forms do not support data entry. So you probably just want to get rid of the tabdown statement there.