PanX bombs when importing a Pan6 file (resolved)

Hello out there. I am trying to import a Pan6 file into PanX. PanX quits no matter what I do. I did have a binary field, which I believe I carefully converted through the wizard, but can’t get the import to work. The Pan6 file opens without difficulty in Pan6. Any ideas?

Please email me a .zip archive with the .pan file, and I’ll look into it.

Actually, you did not have a binary field. The field that you designated as a binary field, Created, is a numeric field, not a binary field. In Panorama 6 only text fields can contain binary data. You don’t have any binary fields in your database.

I opened the file in Panorama 6, used the Binary Fields & Variables wizard to remove the “Binary Field” designation from the Created field, and saved it. I was then able to import the file into Panorama X without a problem.

For anyone else reading this – if you think your database might have a binary field, but you’re not sure, you probably don’t have one. Binary data can only be accessed with special statements and functions, so you will know if you’ve been doing that. And definitely, a numeric field can never be a binary data field. I’ve added a note to change the Binary Fields & Variables wizard so that you can’t do that by accident.

By the way, the Created field in your database is a floating point field, but looking at the data and the name of the field, I think you have superdate values in the field, so it should really probably be an integer field, not floating point. Once you convert it to an integer you should use this two line program to fix up the data (you have to run this in Panorama X, not Panorama 6).

field Created