PanX and Programming

Would I be right in assessing that PanX’s power comes from knowing the programming language? A lot seems to be done with procedures and relationships between databases seem to be built with code. If this observation is correct, is learning the PanX language going to be crucial for complex databases and generally necessary for most PanX work?

The majority of Panorama users never learn how to program. In fact, many use only the data sheet and nothing else. Panorama is designed so that you can get a lot of value from it without having to program.

Though you can get a lot of value from Panorama without programming, if you want to get the maximum value then yes, you’ll want to become familiar with programming. This is particularly true if you have regular tasks that need to be performed over and over. You can do these tasks manually, but you’ll save a lot of time if you learn to automate tasks with programming logic.

By the way, I am not counting writing formulas as “programming”. You’ll definitely need to learn how to write a formula, but that is similar to creating formulas in a spreadsheet.

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Many thanks for the reply.

What is the best way to learn the PanX programming language?

Assuming that you already have Panorama X available to you, go to the Panorama X Help wizard …

… and check out the tutorials - down at Tutorial 119 you start to learn about programming. On the way there, you can skip over stuff that’s not relevant to your needs (you can always come back to it).

Whatever time you put into learning the language will be well rewarded by your new abilities - seriously. And answers to problems are always available on this forum.

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You don’t necessarily need to start by pursuing a project. Just automate a task, then another. Those little bites add up to more and more knowledge.

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