PanX and cells over images

I have a number of forms that were built in 6 where I have an image (PNG usually) that looks like a printed form I use. Cells then are placed over the image so that data is displayed. This has worked beautifully in Pan 6.

When I checked them in Pan X the cells are hidden behind the image and nothing I do seems to get them to display on top. I tried moving the image to the back but to no avail.


There is a known problem using ImageDisplayObjects in the background as you describe. A work around is to use a StaticImageObject instead since that will behave itself in the background. There is a very easy way to create this image. First remove the existing ImageDisplayObject in graphics mode. Now open a Finder window and drag your existing .png file from the Finder to your form still in graphics mode. You should now have a new StaticImageObject with your original image. You can resize it as necessary and then choose Send To Back from the Object menu. Magic!

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Yup. like you said… magic! Thanks