PanX 0.1.027 (2103) - Text Import Wizard not working / Suggestion for Import Option

I am trying to use the new Text Import Wizard to import a set of data copied to the clipboard from Excel but I can not get it to work. I open the “Text Import Wizard” from the “File” menu, choose “From Clipboard” in the “Import Data” menu and the data loads into the top section of the wizard. I can drag the first column from the top to the bottom section but that’s it. When I try to drag a second column down nothing happens. If I try to use the “Import All Columns” from the “Templates” menu it only loads the first column. Any thoughts? Am I doing something wrong?

Under the “Import Options” it would be nice to have an option to use the first line of the data set as the column names for the new database.

I think you tested the import with a new “Untitled” database containing only one field “A”.
I tested it with an Excel clip of 7 columns. As long as the receiving database contained one field only, the import wizard had only one column to select for import.

The import wizard (in this version) does not auto-create columns. So you have to provide as many fields in the database as you need for your Excel import.

Don’t I feel stupid. KJM, you are correct, that is exactly what I was doing. I guess I was thinking it was like the “New Database Wizard” from Pan 6 where you could create a new database from the clipboard. Now it makes sense why the “Import Option” I suggested wasn’t included either.

Jim: Is there any chance you could add a “Create New Database” option to the import wizard in the future? I typically move a lot of data in and out of Excel and being able to create a new database on the fly from the clipboard was a great feature in Pan 6.

I am aware of this, and have been putting on my thinking cap as far as implementing something similar in Panorama X. Haven’t worked out the details yet.

However, if you can save the Excel data to a text file, you can simply use File>New Database from Text File to create the database. I guess for a start it might be easy to make a File>New Database from Clipboard option.