PanoramaX conversion

I just downloaded PanoramaX. I followed the instructions, adding PAN to my files, and attempted to open the file in PanoramaX. It did not open the file. Immediately following this action, I removed the PAN from the document and attempted to reopened in Panorama 6. The word Panorama appeared in the menu bar, but the app did not open, nor did any file open. I attempted to open Panorama 6 from the original application icon but got the same result. Of equal concern is that I was immediately unable to open Firefox. I get a message, “Profile missing.”

It sounds like you have serious problems with your computer that go far beyond Panorama, and have nothing to do with Panorama X.

For future reference, it is not necessary to remove .pan from the end of the filename to use the file in Panorama 6. In fact, the Windows version of Panorama 6 required that the filename end with .pan.

However, this is merely of academic interest until you clear up whatever the major problem with your computer is.

A lot of problems seem to go away with a restart, especially in Mojave.

I’ve been a Panorama user since the early-nineties. Before receiving these emails I did reboot my computer (Mac Mojave) and all returned to normal. I run a small data base that organizes an extensive church music library. While a low-level user, this library which includes the text of over 2000 pieces of music, is vital to planning. I’m retiring and passing the DB on to my successor. I’d like to do it as smoothly as possible. We’d be happy to stay in Panorama 6 for the transition, but he does not have it on his computer, and cannot purchase it. Is there an easy solution?

I’ve rebooted, added PAN, and successfully opened files. Some graphics lost, but data, forms and procedures look good. Thanks for your help.

Glenn DeLange