Panorama X Web Publishing

I have a couple of questions regarding Web Publishing on Panorama X. The first is regarding the installation of the Server.
I run Panorama X Pro on OS 11.7.6 and am following the document “Installing and Launching Panorama Server”(Installing and Launching Panorama Server). When Panorama is launched and I click Preferences, I only see four options: General, Channels, Shared, and Server (see screenshot:

“Advanced” is not an option as is indicated in the document. If I click on Server, I can start the Apache Web Server but it will turn off if I navigate away from this window. Also, ‘Server Administration’ is not listed in the Panorama menu, so I can’t check the server etc as indicated in the instructions.

Can someone please explain how to download and install the Server, or point me to the appropriate post/document?

You need to update your version of Panorama to the latest beta.

I think you may have already figured this out, but you have to sign up for Deploying Shared Databases course to use the server.

Note: This course only contains content about database sharing, not web publishing. However, I have been working on an additional new session that will cover web publishing topics. This new session will be open to everyone that has signed up for the existing course.

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