Panorama X very slow when trying to add or insert a new Field

I have a database, converted form Pan 6 and then substantially modified, with 230 fields and 135 records. I made several attempts today to add or insert a field. Each time I get a spinning beach ball and give up and force quit after a few minutes. I then duplicated the database, deleted all but one record, then added a field to the new database, then opened and added the old database. That seems to have worked okay, but it would have been much nicer to work the first time.
I have been suspicious about two of my converted databases that are very old Pan 6 databases. These were the first two I ever created, going back to the mid to late 1990s. I have wondered whether some of the old data was corrupted, since I have had a lot of crashes in them unrelated to any identifiable mistakes by me.

It’s possible that it might have finished if you had let it continue to run. I’ve noticed that when Panorama invokes the API for updating the data sheet after inserting or adding a field with a lot of fields & records, it takes a mysteriously long time. I investigated this enough to figure out the delay was in Apple’s code. There must be a way to work around this – for example there is no delay when you open the data sheet from scratch even if there are lots of fields and records.

You are right. I tried again and the new field was added after 2 minutes 50 seconds. Tom

Thanks for the followup – both good and bad news, I guess.

I see you improved the title of this item. Panorama had not crashed, just slower than I had expected.