Panorama X Stalls when Printing Form w/Multiple Data Tiles

I have a form (titled “Form_C”) with 4 report tiles that are, from top to bottom:
Data (page 2)
Data (page 3)
Data (page 4).

They cover a long vertical list of fields.

When I try to preview or print a record using this form. PanX completely stalls ("rainbow wheel of death).

There have been other reports of problems with multiple data tiles.

Printing with multiple data tiles doesn’t work.

When I downloaded this file, it wouldn’t expand.

However, I was able to create a database that duplicated the problem you describe. I have fixed the bug so the next release of Panorama should resolve problems with printing extra data tiles.

Thanks for fixing the bug.

As for the Dropbox link, I think I should have compressed the Panorama database into a zip file before uploading the panorama database to Dropbox. Otherwise, Dropbox sees the database as a folder and contents.

Since the problem is presumably resolved, I removed the non-functional dropbox link.