Panorama X sometimes fails if you click outside the active window

I have several procedures which operate on two reasonably large databases (each with 400,000 records and 55MB) and typically take up to an hour to run. If I click outside the active window when one of these is running, Panorama X gets confused and seems to look for data in the window I’ve clicked in. It can’t find what it wants and stops with an error message.

Generally, the message is along the lines of ‘no such variable or no such field’ but today I got a new one:

I can make this happen repeatedly. Does anybody else experience this problem? Is it worth spending some time tracking down which stat/func is causing it?

What is probably happening is that your code depends on a field being active, and clicking on another window changes the active field. That can lead to any number of problems.

But I don’t click in another Panorama X window, I click in another app or even in the Finder - I should have made that clearer. It means that I can do nothing else while these procedures are running.

Try clicking in the same place when the procedure is not running, and see what happens when you make Panorama the active application again. Use the Dock or the application switcher, so you are not clicking somewhere else accidentally.

Do you mean after Panorama X has delivered an error message and stopped?

No, set it up as if you were running the procedure, or better yet, if there is a field or object made active in the procedure, choose that field or object, and then just click as you would to cause the error. Then see if that is still chosen.

I may be wrong but I think you’re saying this:

  1. Open the offending database and click in a field that is (or may be) causing the problem.
  2. Click in another app.
  3. See if the Panorama X field is still chosen.

The result of that is that the field is still chosen. I don’t see how it could be otherwise.

Well, I was just groping for a solution. It is the sort of thing I would try.

By the way, you might try having Panorama X open in its own desktop, and switching desktops if you want to do something else while this procedure is running. That might help.

True. There are other work-arounds as well but the real problem is that, in this circumstance at least, my Mac is no longer capable of running multiple threads - a major drawback when a procedure can take several hours to run.

The inability to run Panorama as a background process is a real issue and hopefully will be prioritized appropriately. There are some other major accomplishments underway at the moment so I do not expect that this particular issue will be resolved immediately but relatively soon I am sure.

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