Panorama X Server Deep Dive 4 video is available

This video has been uploaded and you can watch it in the Panorama X Video Training window (if you signed up for the server course). To update this window to show the video, choose Video>Update Video List, or choose Last 7 Days or Last 30 Days.

To those of you that participated live today, thank you for your patience while I was dealing with the technical issues. Clearly the April fools joke on me. I have figured out why the audio wasn’t as clear as past sessions – somehow Zoom got configured to use the wrong microphone. Instead of using the high quality boom mic on my head, it was using the laptop’s built-in microphone! So not a network problem as was speculated during the session. It’s really amazing that the quality was as good as it was, especially since I wasn’t facing the laptop – it’s off to my side almost facing my right ear. Fortunately I also recorded the session locally using ScreenFlow, and the local recording used the correct microphone. It took about an extra hour but I edited the video to use the local audio when I’m talking and the zoom recording when anyone else is talking (the local recording only records my side). Bottom line, the audio quality of the recording is the same as the earlier videos.

So if this ever happens again, hopefully one of you will remind me to check which microphone is being used. Live and learn!

Not seeing this recording in the Training window.

Follow-up - Carolyn was able to see all the recordings by choosing Video>Update Video List.