Panorama X seems to be hoarding memory again

Some time back I raised the issue of Panorama X apparently not returning memory that it no longer needed. At the time, Jim fixed it. Now the problem appears to have returned. Here’s a shot of the Activity Monitor with Panorama X the only app open and doing absolutely nothing. I know that the AM has its limitations but this suggests that there is a problem. My previous task was a data integrity test of each of about 30 fields in about 1.7 million records. Quitting Panorama X returns the AM to a happy state.

Running Panorama X under Xcode instrumentation shows that when a database is closed the memory is released. There were no changes in Panorama X 10.1 that would affect memory allocation.

I don’t think you can really draw any conclusions from the Activity Monitor numbers. On my computer, my email client is using 2.7 GB, and every open Safari window is using at least 200 MB (per window!), while the main Safari process is using 600 MB.

Maybe not but, when the AM showed lots of yellow, my Mac was extremely sluggish when running Panorama X and some other apps. Quitting Panorama X fixed that problem.

This is the sort of thing that happens when processing very large databases:

That seems different than what you first said, which talked about after closing a large database. If you are actually in the middle of processing, yes, it could use a lot of memory for a while.

There is nothing about version 10.1 that should cause it to use more (or less) memory than version 10.0.

It’s a problem in both instances. I now have a template for subdividing large databases and processing the subdivisions separately and that mostly works well although there are occasions when it appears that the memory load of one process stays around and burdens the next one. AND, it can hang around after the whole process has finished and the databases have been closed but Panorama X remains open.

One of these days I’ll try to set up a test for what’s happening.

The green is when I quit Panorama X.